We’ve developed a process that makes creating your whiteboard animation fun and easy. We have the WHO who knows the HOW so you can trust we will deliver the highest quality video. And we’ll apply our HYPNOLOGY method of video scribing to every line of your message.

How It Works

MONITOR YOUR ORDER: As soon as you place your order and start working with us, we’ll give you special access to our online project management system so you can monitor the progress of your order. Every single step, from creating the storyboard …to production and delivery!

We obsess over the small details! We are incessantly preoccupied with delivering whiteboard videos that we are proud of. That means getting every single little detail right – from perfecting each pixel on the video, to matching voice with the video animations.


Grab your own custom HypnoVID today! or check our work and portfolio

Need something answered? If you have a question, we have an answer!

I don’t have a script, can you create one for me?

Our in-house experienced team of writers will create for you a custom-tailored script based on the video duration you desire for the price of $99 per minute (approx. 150 words per minute). After placing your order, you’ll be redirected to a form where you’ll need to provide for us some necessary information about your market and product. Your script will then be ready within 2-7 business days.

What if I don’t like your script?

To ensure your complete satisfaction, once the script is ready it will be sent immediately to you for your approval. In case you’re not happy with it, don’t worry. We’ll re-write it. We provide up to 3 revisions.

I have a script but I’m not happy with it, can you improve it?

Having a script you’re not happy with means it needs to be re-written from scratch to deliver the right message. We can do that for you.

How do I know how many minutes my video/voice-over is going to be?

If you have your script ready for production please calculate 150 words for every minute of video production. You can also use the Words To Time Calculator to estimate approximately the length of your video and voice-over. This tool is not 100% accurate but it does pretty good job, but 150 words per minute usually works.

Can you help me with the voice over?

Yes. Our team of professional voice over artists (both male and female) are ready to transform your script into a crystal clear voice over within 2-7 days for as little as $99 per minute which is approx. 150 words.

What is a Storyboard?

A Storyboard is a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions representing the shots planned for the HypnoVID production. Download this storyboard sample to see a sample of our cool storyboards. Once you approve the storyboard and you’re happy with it, we then proceed to the HypnoVID production phase. Zero risk. Big time satisfaction!

How long will it take for my HypnoVID to be delivered to me?

That depends on the length of the video and the materials needed. We usually deliver within 7-21 working days.

Do you make Whiteboard Animation Videos in other languages?

We can do any language.

Do you accept a small payment up front or do I have to pay in full?

We always respect customers’ suggestions and feedback. As stated in our terms and conditions “All projects under $3,000 must be paid in full. For projects more than $3,000 please contact us to set up a 50% down payment.” This is because the script writing price, for example, is part of the package so if we wanted to offer just script writing we would charge alot more so that’s why we ask for full price to avoid people paying for one part and then not completing the project.

If you’re skeptical regarding our quality of work, don’t worry about it. We always send the script, voice over and storyboard for approval FIRST before we proceed to the next phase and until the client is fully satisfied with the work! That’s why we have tons of positive reviews in our portfolio page :-) You can see our portfolio here.

Grab your own custom HypnoVID today! or check our work and portfolio

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