Don’t Have a Script? We’ll Write It!

Top notch script & copywriting is of HUGE importance for making a whiteboard video that sells. Our team has these rare skills and does this time & time again

We Provide Professional Voice Overs

Don't have a voice over for your video but you need one? No worries. Our team of voice over pros are trained to deliver your message just as your viewer wants it, equaling higher conversions for you.

Experienced Team At Your Service!

We have experienced storyboard writers, creative writers, video producers, image illustrators and voice over artists at your service

Lowest Costs On The Planet!

That's right! If you take a look on what some other video scribing companies are charging for whiteboard videos, you'll notice that our price is the lowest cost on the planet!

Video Scribing is THE 2013 TREND

It's not a secret that whiteboard video scribing KEEPS ATTENTION longer and can hypnotize even the most skeptical buyer to take action

Scribe Videos For Every Need

Scribe videos can have a huge impact on your business whether you want to use it for a commercial, tutorials, salesletters, video intros, presentations, etc

Done For You In Any Language!

If you're wondering whether we can produce Whiteboard Animation Videos in other languages in association with your help, the answer is 是 ;-)

Monitor The Progress Of Your Order

We're using World's Best online project management system so you'll be assigned to participate with Hypno-Team to keep track of every step of the progress of your order.

Grab your own custom HypnoVID today! or check our portfolio

Here are more reasons why you to need to use whiteboard video scribing.


1.“Nest” Within Your Prospect’s Heads: Still using long salesletters or plain videos to deliver your message? How do you STAND OUT from your competitors? Your whiteboard video will pinpoint you in your marketplace with style and deliver the message with clarity, creating and enhancing your brand awareness.

2. Impress to Express: Your audience will be more likely to remember 59% more of your content than the old fashion images and text. The hand-drawing effect is super unpredictable and makes people wondering “what’s next?!” while viewing the video.

3. Engagement: Video is the best way to drive visitors to your site or office. Images, podcasts, polls, charts and graphics are nice but nothing engages your audience more than videos.

4. Entertain To Be Retained. Making a whiteboard animation video that is both effective and entertaining could prove to be a difficult task. But if it’s handled by experts then the results can be extraordinary. Humor relaxes the visitor and while feeling comfortable, the buying mode will come with more ease.

5. Higher Rankings in Search Engines With the launch of Universal search from Google you will see more and more video results occupying the first page of Google. Google is prioritizing video in it’s search algorithm. It is now easier to be found on the world wide web using videos than any other method.

Simply put you need a video scribe and we create some of the most powerful and engaging Video Scribing Videos. If you are not familiar with scribe videos you might have heard other names like Whiteboard animation, visual thinking, and stop motion. Go check out our awesome prices

Grab your own custom HypnoVID today! or check our portfolio

The philosophy behind HypnoVID

We saw a great need to bridge the giant gap between the average marketer and the skills needed to create exciting whiteboard animation videos, a video scribe that grabs attention and convinces viewers to stick to your videos and buy your stuff.

So... we created HypnoVID, the world's low cost video scribing service, affordable for everyone who wants to increase conversions.

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Customers Feedback:

I’ve been really anxious to try a whiteboard video for the last few months, but I could never find anyone I was comfortable with… I’ve seen prices all the way up to $1200 a minute. Hypnovid, at the prices I paid, is an absolute bargain.

The process was simple, easy, and painless. After I turned over some ideas about what I was already doing with video, they did the rest. The final video they produced is stellar and I’ll be using them again, guaranteed.

Magnus  -
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